World SEO
Professionals Battle 2.0

October 11th – December 10th

$4000 Prize fund

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Live streams with the best SEO experts analyzing projects
Giveaway of great prizes from Sape every week
Publication of the best cases in major mass media

Become the SEO hero of 2021

This year there are more nominations, prizes and gifts, more benefits and live streams with experts analyzing your projects

Every week we analyze your projects with the key experts of the SEO market and give tips on how to improve them.
The most active participants of the live streams can win great prizes every week.

Choose any of your projects, promote Keywords to the SERP 10 by December 10 and win in several nominations all at once

Key nominations
Commercial projects
1st place
2nd place
3rd place
Information projects
1st place
2nd place
3rd place
5 Bonus hero
Become a superhero in the SEO world
5 more heroes will receive additional cash prizes and recognition
Multitask hero
Not only does he make cool decisions in his projects and achieves great results, but also knows how to pack PR-cases for the media and clients.
The best case
He manages several complex projects, he has a powerful SEO field and can bring keywords to the SERP 10 with the power of thought.
The most successful project on a complex subject matter.
Master linkbuilder
Places the best link for your project at a glance.
The history of getting the most profitable link
He manages deadlines, but not always in time
Better luck next time
Name: 01010011 01100001 01110000 01100101
He can promote a project to the SERP 10 in any dimension
The best foreign project
We will tell you how to win each nomination in our first live streams.

SEO battle
in two minutes

Alexander Shestakov, Links.Sape Product Manager, talks about the Battle in 2 minutes

Submit an application to participate

You can participate if you are a Freelance SEO specialist, inhouse specialist and SEO agency employee.
5 additional independent nominations with cash prizes.
Contestants should choose 10 keywords of the project they are promoting based on average monthly searches on Google Adwords Keyword Planner. The promoted keywords should not be in the SERP 10 at the time of submission.
You get points for every keyword in SERP 10. The higher the position in the SERP10, the higher your score.
We fix the positions for each keyword before the start and after the end of the contest.
6 prizes according to the number of points you scored.
Results calculation:
Points are calculated by the following formula:
The difference between the starting and ending positions of the keyword is multiplied by its and
Keyword start position
Keyword end position
Competition coefficient
Search frequency coefficient (max. 100)
When calculating the results,
only the keywords in the TSERP 10 are considered.
The highest score for a keyword:
a keyword with an average monthly searches > = 100 reached
the SERP 1 position during the competition.
If a keyword is ranked higher than SERP 5
you receive 3,000 points additionally
If a keyword is in SERP 1
you receive 5,000 points additionally

Feedback from participants
of the previous battle


Alexander Shestakov, Links.Sape Product Manager, talks about the Battle in 1 minute
December 20th 17:00 (Moscow time)
Broadcast theme.
SEO-battle finals.
Ramazan Mindubaev
Head of SEO в TRINET.Group.
Andrey Builov
Author of the channel “Seo bez vodi”(SEO without the fluff), Head of Muraveynik Agency, more than 15 years in SEO, 700+ sites promoted under his leadership.
Alexander Shestakov
Links.Sape Product Manager
We will announce live the results of the SEO Battle 2.0.